Take on the legendary Bazyliszek monster in an interactive story based on Polish folklore

Theme ParkLegendia
TypeInteractive Dark Ride
OpenedApril 2018
Capacity 750 riders per hour
Cost€5.5 million
Duration3½ minutes
Ride entrance

Ride entrance

Bazyliszek is the first high budget interactive dark ride to be built in Poland, and opened at Legendia in 2018 as part of the ongoing major investment in the park.

The ride's storyline is based on the Polish legend of The Basilisk, a dragon (or snake in some versions) with the head of a rooster that, according to folklore, finally meets its comeuppance at the hands of a cobbler's apprentice.

Visitors board one of 10 high tech trackless vehicles, and travel through seven scenes which tell the story. Along the way, they must defeat monsters and other nasties that appear projected on giant 4K screens by shooting them with their interactive laser guns.

Bazyliszek is very impressive, with spectacular theming starting in the queueline and continuing throughout the ride. People not fluent in Polish fokelore may find the story goes over their heads, but that doesn't detract from the overall high quality experience.

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