Diabelska Pętla


Soquet rollercoaster featuring back to back vertical loops

Theme ParkLegendia
Opened2007 (as Tic-Tac Tornado/Tornado)
2019 (as Diabelska Pętla)
Duration1½ minutes
Vertical loops

Vertical loops

Diabelska Pętla, or Devil's Loop in English, was Legendia's largest rollercoaster until Lech Coaster opened in 2017. Originally known as Tic-Tac Tornado, it arrived at Legendia in 2007.

Previous to making its home in Poland, the ride operated for a time at both Lightwater Valley and American Adventure in the UK.

The rollercoaster features two vertical loops (hence the name), and was the first rollercoaster in Poland with inversions. For an older style vertical loop rollercoaster, it is surprisingly smooth. Compared to some other coasters, there is hardly a jolt as the train transitions into the loops.

While it may be smooth, Diabelska Pętla does have one mystery ... if it's supposed to be the Devil's Loop, what's with the pretty bubbles painted on the track?!

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