Dream Hunters Society


One of Legendia's two Galaxi style rollercoasters

Theme ParkLegendia
Opened2003 (as Cyklon)
2017 (as Dream Hunters Society)
Dream Hunters Society

Dream Hunters Society

Dream Hunters Society is one of Legendia's two rethemed Zyklon/Galaxi style coasters and has been at the park since 2003, originally having been called "Cyklon".

The theming isn't substantial, and mostly comprises a giant yellow and pink hexagon shaped entrance, and a similarly coloured station building. Whatever the reason for calling it Dream Hunters Society, the meaning seems to have been lost.

Weirdly, both of Legendia's Galaxi coasters have pink track - it fits in with the ride colour-scheme on Dream Hunters Society, but less so for Scary Toys Factory. Perhaps the park got a special offer on bright pink paint cans?

Ride wise, the coaster provides the standard Galaxi style experience. There's the standard drops and helices that come along with the normal layout, and the ride cars hurtle around the track at crazy speed.

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Legendia Dream Hunters Society POV

Dream Hunters Society POV

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