Lech Coaster


Silky smooth rollercoaster based on the legend of the first Duke of Poland

Theme ParkLegendia
Opened1 July 2017
ModelBermuda Blitz
Height131 ft
Length2979 ft
Max Speed59 mph
Duration1¾ minutes
Lech Coaster

Lech Coaster

Lech Coaster opened in 2017 as the largest rollercoaster both at Legendia, and in the whole of Poland. The record only stood for a year before being taken by Hyperion at nearby Energylandia, but Lech remains a coaster more than worthy of attention.

The rollercoaster stands on the far side of Legendia's lake, which provides a superb setting and means that Lech is easily visible from around the park.

Legendia have gone to town on the ride's theming, which includes a large castle that acts both as the ride station and gift shop. It all fits nicely with the ride's storyline, which is based on a Polish legend about Lech, the first Duke of Poland. Through unsuccessfully attempting to capture a young Eagle from its mother, he learned the importance of defending the things you love and realised it was his duty to defend his Polish homelands. And thus, the eagle became the badge of Poland and appears on the nation's flag.

The ride is manufactured by Vekoma, and is the first installation of their new Bermuda Blitz model. For many years, Vekoma's large coasters have been viewed as rough and inferior to the premier league of rollercoasters (see their SLCs!). However, no more are they playing second fiddle to their rivals: Lech Coaster is very smooth and it seems that at last Vekoma have perfected their track design! They certainly use their new technology well here - the ride features some great elements including four inversions, a forceful turn low across the lake water, and a spectacular station fly through.

If anything, the only problem with Lech Coaster is that it is too intense in parts, and it is easy to greyout during the ride. The smoothness makes it heaps of fun, but its forcefulness makes it difficult to re-ride too often.

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