Scary Toys Factory


Rollercoaster set in a Toy Factory

Theme ParkLegendia
Opened2015 (as Himalaya)
2017 (as Scary Toys Factory)
Length1509 ft
Scary Toys Factory

Scary Toys Factory

For some reason, Legendia has ended up with two Zyklon Galaxi style rollercoasters, and they're both bright pink!

Scary Toys Factory is the younger of the two coasters, having arrived at Legendia in 2015 as Himalaya from the defunct Sommerland Syd in Denmark where it had operated in 2012. Incidently, Sommerland Syd was also the original home of Legendia's Diamond River water ride.

The rollercoaster is a pretty much standard Galaxi layout and gives the normal ride experience, beginning with a couple of large drops and ending with some decent forceful helices.

Similarly to Dream Hunters Society, Legendia's other Galaxi coaster, the theming is minimal and is confined to the fascade in front of the ride. This resembles a slightly two dimensional cardboard toy factory, but is pulled off more convincingly than its coaster cousin's dream hunter theme.

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Legendia Scary Toys Factory POV

Scary Toys Factory POV

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