Cyrk Luna


Experience the thrills of the circus

Theme ParkRabkoland
TypeDark Ride
Ride car

Ride car

Cyrk Luna is Rabkoland's circus themed dark ride, which occupies a large big top style tent near the park entrance.

The ride system itself is a fairly standard tracked dark ride with some nicely themed four seater clown cars. They aren't the fastest in the world, and the motors make a lot of noise - they sound like they're really struggling to make it around!

Vistors are taken on a journey through a circus tent along a fairly simple oval shaped route. Along the way they pass a series of animatronic characters, including clowns, giant elephants and acrobats.

It's definitely not a world-class ride, but still quite fun and some of the animatronics are quite clever.

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Rabkoland Cyrk Luna Dark Ride POV

Cyrk Luna POV

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