Flying Dreams

Ferrari Land

Soar through the skies as you race after a Ferarri GT on a world tour...

Theme ParkFerrari Land
TypeFlying Theatre
Opened7 April 2017
ManufacturerBrogent Technologies Inc
ModelFlying Theater
Duration5 minutes
Flying Dreams entrance

Flying Dreams entrance

For visitors after something less intense than the towering Red Force, Flying Dreams at Ferrari Land provides a beautiful romp through stunning landscapes - and all in air conditioned comfort.

The ride is a flying theatre, which features a giant hemispherical dome screen and gondola seats which move in sequence with the on-screen images, giving guests the impression they are soaring through the skies.

At the beginning of the film riders swoop in low over the Ferrari factory, then fly off to follow eleven different model Ferraris as they drive past a succession of famous landmarks from across the world. Finally, they reach their ultimate destination as they arrive at Ferrari Land itself.

Flying Dreams is a wonderfully realised experience, and a real highlight of Ferrari Land. Admittedly, that's not saying a great deal in the sparsely populated park, but even so the quality of the ride goes above and beyond.

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