Furius Baco


Experience a professor's prototype grape collecting machine...

Theme ParkPortAventura
Park AreaMediterrĂ nia
Opened5 June 2007
ModelWing Rider Coaster
Height46 ft
Length2789 ft
Max Speed84 mph
Duration1½ minutes
Swooping over the Port

Swooping over the Port

When you ride some rollercoasters you think "nice idea, terrible execution." If your body wasn't writhing in pain as you trundled back into the station, that's what you might think following an experience on Furius Baco.

The rollercoaster is a Wing Rider Coaster built by Intamin, which has its seats on wing-like arms alongside the track rather than directly over it. The problem with this is that every bump and inperfection in the track is magnified through these arms. Combine this with an almost complete lack of suspension and you get a vibrating bumping mess - especially on the outer seats.

Furius Baco is only 14 metres tall, its layout comprised mainly of sweeping turns rather than large hills. It features a launch which accelerates the train to 135km/h in 3 seconds, which at one time was the fastest rollercoaster launch in Europe. There's also an inline twist inversion which comes before the final section of the ride where the train flies over PortAventura's picturesque Port area.

While the ride experience is fairly dreadful, Furius Baco's surrounding theming is actually pretty good. The queueline winds its way through a Mediterranean vineyard on its way to the station which is filled with wine bottles, vast cogs and other experimental winemaking machine components.

Furius Baco is probably the roughest, most uncomfortable ride at PortAventura - and that's all the more remarkable considering the park is also home to Stampida! Unless you're desperate for the credit, there's very little to recommend it.

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