Grand Canyon Rapids


Ride a raft along the tumultuous waters of the Colorado River...

Theme ParkPortAventura
Park AreaFar West
TypeRiver Rapids Ride
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened1 May 1995
ModelRapids Ride
Length 1526 ft
Riding through the Canyon

Riding through the Canyon

PortAventura's Grand Canyon Rapids takes visitors on a journey down the magnificient Colorado River at the height of the Gold Rush.

The rapids ride was built by Intamin and opened at PortAventura in 1995 - the same time as the park itself. It features round boats which seat up to nine riders each as they crash over multiple rapids, pass through narrow rock canyons and dodge (or sometimes not dodge!) crashing waterfalls.

Theming around the ride is good, with the "reproduction" of the Grand Canyon set alongside various mining props including minecarts and the like.

While the rapids can be quite stormy at times, the ride is not usually overly drenching - although there are some waterfalls and water sprays that might make it a little less dry than would otherwise be the case!

As one of several water rides at PortAventura, Grand Canyon Rapids is a fun and popular ride, especially as a way of cooling off on a hot Spanish day.

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