Rio Grande Railroad


Steam engines take visitors around the park...

Theme ParkPortAventura
AudienceAll Ages
The train arriving at SésamoAventura station

The train arriving at SésamoAventura station

PortAventura's train takes visitors on a rail trip around the park between Mediterrània, SésamoAventura and Far West.

Each train is hauled by one of the park's steam locomotives, allowing travellers to move quickly around the park and take in some sights along the way.

Journeys begin at one of PortAventura's three train stations. Penitence Station in Far West evokes the feel of a Wild West frontier town station. From here the train travels over the Silver River Flume ride and into China. After calling in at Estació del Nord, the train arrives at the theme park's newest stop, SésamoAventura Station.

The train is a relaxing way to take a tour through PortAventura, and provides some welcome relief for tired feet!

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