A child-friendly rollercoaster adventure...

Theme ParkPortAventura
Park AreaSésamoAventura
OpenedJuly 1998
ModelJunior Coaster
Height28 ft
Length679 ft
Max Speed22 mph
Duration1 minute
Tami-Tami's train

Tami-Tami's train

As the smallest rollercoaster at PortAventura, Tami-Tami is the perfect ride for small children and young families.

Tami-Tami sits in the Sesame Street themed SésamoAventura section of the park.

Standing at just 8½ metres tall and with a top speed of 35km/h, it will never challenge any world records but is gentle enough for a child's first rollercoaster experience.

The ride is manufactured by Vekoma and is an example of their Junior Coaster model. It has yellow track and a train painted with a wood-grain effect to help it fit with the overall theme of the area, flying over a jungle lake filled with tropical plants.

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