Rotate through the air on Furvik's most extreme ride experience...

Theme ParkFuruvik
TypeTop Scan
Opened25 May 2013
Height 66 ft
Riders feel the full force of Extreme

Riders feel the full force of Extreme

Extreme is Furuvik's Mondial Top Scan, which opened at the park in 2013.

Prior to Furuvik, the ride had been located at Gröna Lund in Stockholm where it had run for several years between 1999 and 2012.

Riders sit on seats arranged in groups of five spread over six spines eminating form a central rotating arm. Once the ride starts, the arms spins and twists, resulting in disorienting movements that can leave riders spinning over and over or at times hanging upside down.

Furuvik's top scan is painted largely white, with rainbow coloured arms and other decorative theming. It is by far the most intense ride at the park, but gives daring guests and thrillseekers a superbly force-filled experience.

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