Ride aboard the rocket on a rollercoaster journey...

Theme ParkFuruvik
Opened21 May 2011
ModelJet Star II
Height44 ft
Length1919 ft
Duration2 minutes


Furuvik came to the attention of rollercoaster enthusiasts when it opened Rocket in 2011.

The ride is a classic Schwarzkopf Jet Star 2 rollercoaster, but this particular example's claim to fame is that it formerly operated as Black Hole at Alton Towers. After it was removed from the UK theme park, it was given an extensive refurbishment by Gerstlauer before being installed in Sweden.

At Furuvik, the ride runs in the open air with the track repainted in a fetching bright blue and red paint job. The maintenance problems are a thing of the past and the capacity issues which plagued it at Alton Towers are not an issue at the much smaller Furuvik, which operates a small set of fairground rides alongside its main zoo attraction.

Trains are comprised of two cars, each seating three groups of two riders, all sitting singly one in front of the other. After climbing the spiral lift, Rocket's train dives down a 44 foot drop, negotiating a series of helicies left and right before returning to the station.

Rocket feels very much at home at Furuvik, and the park is taking care of it beautifully. It provides just the right amount of thrills and excitement, and you could hardly ask for a more magnificent setting in the trees beside the sea shore. What has been Alton Towers' loss is certainly Furuvik's gain.

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Rocket POV (ex-Alton Towers Black Hole) video

Rocket POV (ex-Alton Towers Black Hole)

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