Skara Sommarland

Ride the spinning wild mouse beside Skara Sommarland's picturesque lake...

Theme ParkSkara Sommarland
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened2 June 2011
ManufacturerMaurer Söhne
ModelSpinning Coaster Compact
Height36 ft
Length984 ft
Max Speed22 mph
Duration1 minute


Spinner is a Spinning Coaster from Maurer Söhne which sits near the lake at Skara Sommarland.

The ride is the compact version of the rollercoaster, which provides a standard wild mouse style layout but with Maurer's modern cars seen on their Spinning Coasters.

While not as good as its bigger brothers such as Maurer's SC3000 Spinning Coaster variant, Spinner gives a good fun ride and, with the right unbalanced car, gives some insane spinning. With particularly uneven weights, the cars are likely to come spinning at full speed back into the final brake run.

The ride was originally constructed in 2001 and spent most of its first decade as Speedy at Abenteuer Park Oberhausen in Germany, befor coming to Skara Sommarland in 2011.

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