Green Scream

Adventure Island

Ride the crocodile on Adventure Island's longest rollercoaster...

Theme ParkAdventure Island
Park AreaEast Side
Duration1¼ minutes
Green Scream

Green Scream

Opened in 1997, for many years Green Scream was Adventure Island's signature rollercoaster until Rage was opened in 2007.

The long winding crocodile themed train is a slightly crazy 20 cars long: so long that by the time the crocodile-headed front of the train is at the top of the lift hill, the tail end of the train has only just reached the bottom! The crocodile theme represents one of Adventure Island's park mascots, Snappy.

Green Scream is a custom layout Zierer Tivoli coaster, with sweeping interconnected helices making up the majority of the layout. The track sits along the park boundary and is easily visible driving along Marine Parade.

On August 8th 2010, Green Scream gained the Guinness World Record for the most naked riders on a rollercoaster, with 102 participants filling the coaster's forty seats. The record attempt raised £22,000 for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation.

While it may not win many world records (naked riders aside), Green Scream is great fun and has stood the test of time at Adventure Island. With such a long train, the rollercoaster's large capacity ensures there's not usually long to wait to get a ride.

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