Mighty Mini Mega

Adventure Island

It may be mini, but it surely is mighty!

Theme ParkAdventure Island
Park AreaWest Side
ModelMini Mega Coaster MM29
Height30 ft
Length764 ft
Max Speed25 mph
Duration50 seconds
Mighty Mini Mega

Mighty Mini Mega

It may only be small, but Mighty Mini Mega really lives up to it's name.

The rollercoaster is the smoothest of Adventure Island's crop of coasters, and is suprisingly thrilling. It's a Mini Mega Coaster MM29 model from Pinfari, and benefits from some nice swooping curves and magnetic brakes. The ride is painted in Adventure Island's signature bright pink and yellow colour scheme.

Sadly, unlike on Green Scream and Barnstormer, riders are only sent around for a single circuit.

At the end of the 2009 season, the rollercoaster was taken apart and sent to Sonacase for refurbishment. When it returned, it was rebuilt on top of a new arcade building, raising the ride up substantially higher than it had been previously and allowing for some nice views from the top of the lift hill.

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