Adventure Island

Rise 70 feet into the air before plunging down a beyond vertical drop on Adventure Island's largest rollercoaster...

Theme ParkAdventure Island
Park AreaEast Side
Opened10 February 2007 (replaced Raging River)
Height72 ft
Length1184 ft
Max Speed44 mph
Vertical Angle97°
Cost£3 million
Duration1½ minutes


Rage is Adventure Island's headline rollercoaster, towering 70ft tall on the coastline and featuring a vertical lift hill and beyond-vertical first drop.

The coaster, a Gerstlauer Eurofighter, is painted in the park's signature yellow and pink colour scheme. Given its coastal location and the general Eurofighter reputation, the ride is remarkably smooth.

The layout works really well showcasing some of the best in Gerstlauer's repertoire of Eurofighter elements, including the powerful 97° beyond vertical first drop, which immediately gives way to a circular vertical loop. Further on is a (fairly) graceful overbanked turn and a heartline roll. Amazingly, this is all packed into just 1184 feet of track to fit within the ride's compact footprint.

When it opened, Rage was only the second Gerstlauer Eurofighter in the UK (after Speed at Oakwood) and the fourth in the world. Arguably, it is still one of the best examples of the standard designs. Staff from Thorpe Park even visited Adventure Island to learn how to operate a Euro-Fighter prior to the opening of their version, Saw: The Ride, in 2009.

Rage has its own mascot: Captain Rageman, named in typical Adventure Island style. He's a superhero character and his picture is seen on signs around the ride. When the rollercoaster was launched in 2007, there was even a Captain Rageman costumed character who would tour the park and pose for photos to help advertise the new coaster.

Years after it was built, Rage remains one of the top attractions at Adventure Island. It was a massive investment and gamble for the park, but it has paid off and Southend seafront has ended up with a world-class rollercoaster far removed from the usual big apples and spinning wild mouse coasters so often seen at seaside amusement parks.

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