Raging River

Adventure Island

Take a soaking wet ride in a log down the raging river...

Theme ParkAdventure Island
Park AreaEast Side
TypeLog Flume
Closed2006 (replaced by Rage)
ManufacturerInterlink LG
ModelFlume Ride
Length 886 ft
Main drop

Main drop

Raging River was Adventure Island's log flume, which was removed in 2006 to make way for Rage, the Gerstlauer Eurofighter rollercoaster.

The log flume took riders on a journey down a river in log boats which seated up to five people.

Boats floated through a hut with a leaking roof, down a small drop, around a curve and then up the larger second lift hill. After this was the ride's grand finale: the main drop which would cause a splash capable of soaking both riders and spectators waiting for a drenching in the designated "splash zone".

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