Alton Towers Fireworks

The traditional end to the Alton Towers season, an annual spectacular fireworks show around Guy Fawkes night.

Alton Towers Fireworks

Fireworks Spectacular in 2016

Alton Towers' annual fireworks events that end each season have become legendary, and are among the biggest and best in the UK. Traditionally they have taken place over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night on either the first or second weekend in November, with the Sunday also being the final operating day of the main theme park season. In 2016, this was cut from three to two shows over the first November weekend, although this decision was reversed in 2019 and the event was back to three nights.

Each year the fireworks show takes on a different theme, most often aligned with some aspect of Alton Towers. Some years tie in to the major new ride for that season, and some take on a more general celebration of magical experiences.

Together with the fireworks, the display includes lasers, fire and lighting effects. Often there is some kind of set piece, and over the years these have included large screens, water projections and in 2006 a giant inflatable ball.

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