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Alton Towers Fireworks

A giant electrical storm erupts over the Towers...

Fireworks and StratoSphere

Fireworks and StratoSphere

Alton Towers' end of season fireworks event ran from 27th to 29th October 2006 and was rebranded as Electric Towers, selling itself as "an extraordinary firework and laser event". Similar to 2005, the run was shortened to be held over three nights instead of the previous five, in order to comply with a noise abatement order served on the park after a long long-running court battle over complaints from neighbouring residents Stephen and Suzanne Roper. In fact, it proved to be the last year of Alton Towers' annual end of season fireworks event before a four year absence, not returning until 2010.

The centrepiece of the event was a 60ft tall inflatable "StratoSphere" projection dome, which was lit in different colours and featured various projected images during the show. This was accompanied by two tesla coils and water fountains, together with the usual fireworks and light show.

Electric Towers' storyline was loosely themed around electricity. At the beginning of the show the audience was told about how electricity had brought great benefits, but it wasn't long before an evil force came along and condemned everyone present to a life of perpetual darkness. A huge storm began as the good vs evil battle commenced, with some huge flashes of lightning around the Towers building.

Of course, somewhat conveniently, it was eventually decided that Earth is more powerful than the evil force, and at the end of the show peace was restored and good triumphed over everything.

Electric Towers was an interesting "rebrand" of the fireworks event, which felt both as though not much had changed but at the same time not as good as previous shows. It forewent the pop music soundtrack of the last couple of events in favour of a more electronic instrumental score which, although it fitted well with the show, meant Electric Towers left audiences without the feel-good vibes from the Doctor Pop Rocket era.

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Electric Towers 2006

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