Fireworks 2005

Alton Towers Fireworks

Travel around the world at the speed of light with Dr Pop Rocket on Rita: Queen of Speed...

Fireworks 2005

Fireworks 2005

For 2005, Alton Towers Fireworks display dates were reduced from five nights to three, running from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October 2005. The year saw the return of Dr Pop Rocket, star of the 2004 Fireworks event.

Following the success of his time-travelling adventures last year, for 2005 Dr Pop Rocket was back to showcase his latest discovery as he used Rita: Queen of Speed to travel around the world at the speed of light.

The main part of the show was split into sections visiting Ireland, Russia, France, and "Europe's party capital" Ibiza, with each featuring appropriately themed music. Along the way were some very corny jokes: On leaving Russia "As the Russians say, Mos-cow" and when deciding to move on from Frnace "after all we have nothing Toulouse"!

As Dr Pop Rocket departed and left us to travel back home, a message appeared on the screen: "Do you want some more??" followed by "Are you sure??". And then, in a cheeky reference to the ongoing noise issues and court case: "Keep the noise down!!" What followed were some of the largest and loudest fireworks of the night accompanying Wings' Live and Let Die!

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