Fireworks Spectacular 2014

Alton Towers Fireworks

A battle of dreams vs nightmares breaks out over the Alton Towers lake...

A water projection depicted the embodiment of the audience's dreams

A water projection depicted the embodiment of the audience's dreams

Alton Towers' traditional end of season fireworks display took place over three nights between 7th and 9th November 2014.

The 2014 show was centred on the lake and featured water screen projections that helped tell a story based around the theme of Dreams at Alton Towers.

The good vs evil story was chiefly told by a ghostly face projected on the giant water screen, who claimed to be the embodiment of the audience's dreams that were created at the Alton Towers Resort. We were then taken on a journey to the "Dreamscape" to enter the universe of our dreams, ready to build a dream in front of our eyes.

Thankfully, the introduction was not too overblown and the images of rides and scenes from around the theme park soon gave way to fireworks, lights and lasers accompanying tracks including U2's Beautiful Day and Coldplay's Sky Full of Stars.

Giant flames

Giant flames

However, just when everything seemed to be going so well, somewhat predictably a "darker force" emerged "intent on destroying everything we have built". This of course was Nightmare in the form of a cartoon pumpkin projection, the dark cousin of Dream who was intent on creating a celebration of chaos.

Nightmare was a welcome break from some of the overly-sweet and lovely nature of the show up until that point, bringing flame throwers and a harder soundtrack with her.

Of course though, this is Alton Towers where good always wins out, and Nightmare was defeated with the help of the audience and the dreamers who faced their fears on the big scary rollercoasters. Dream commanded "There is no space for you in this Resort: leave at once", then turning to the audience told us that "This is your world: Now keep on dreaming" just as the now traditional In the Hall of the Mountain King finale began.

Whilst the water projections were a nice touch, the water screen was rather small on the lake and proved tricky to see from the back of the crowd. This year's dream vs nightmare storyline was rather dull and unmemorable, but thankfully not too overplayed: most of the show was given over to music and fireworks.

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