Rollercoaster Restaurant

Alton Towers

Food delivered straight to your table via rollercoaster!

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaForbidden Valley
AudienceAll Ages
Opened13 May 2016
ManufacturerMack Rides
Inside Rollercoaster Restaurant

Inside Rollercoaster Restaurant

Rollercoaster Restaurant is Alton Towers' most premium food outlet and its most unique dining experience.

Instead of using human waiters, diner's meals are delivered straight to their table via mini rollercoasters which zoom around on tracks suspended around the restaurant. Food is even sent through a full 360° loop to a couple of the tables!

The restaurant offers a varied selection of main meals and snacks, plus both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (and yes, even most of the drinks come via rollercoaster!). There are separate menus for lunch and dinner sittings, with the restaurant open late into the evening to cater for guests staying in the onsite accommodation. Diners can browse the menu and then order their food from tablets which are given to each party when they arrive. The tablets are then handed over at the cash desk near the exit to settle the bill when the meal is over.

Following the rollercoaster theme, a range of park memorabilia, ride plans and old photographs can be seen around the walls of the restaurant, and each seat is even named after one of Alton's current or former coasters.

The rollercoaster food delivery system was designed by German ride manufacturer Mack, and was first used at the company's own Europa Park in their FoodLoop restaurant. The system has been tweaked for installation at Alton Towers, but it could easily be argued that the original just has the edge over the UK version.

Rollercoaster Restaurant is an interesting concept, and the food-by-rollercoaster gimmick can somewhat mask the fact that fairly standard quality food is being served at inflated prices. It is, though, a great place to go for a meal with a mid to large sized group: watching the food-carrying coaster cars racing down their tracks (and hopefully not getting stuck!) is infinitely entertaining.

Sample Rollercoaster Restaurant Menu

Below is an example lunch menu, giving an idea of the meals on offer at Rollercoaster Restaurant:

Steak Sandwich £15.00
Fish Sandwich £14.50
8oz Ribeye Steak £26.00
Lemon and Herb Half Roast Chicken £16.00
Classic Burgers (beef, chicken or jackfruit) £12.00
Double Beef Melt £16.00
Spicy Double Chicken Burger £16.00
Gyros £15.00
Shish Kebab/Lamb Kofta £14.00
The Wickerman Wrap £14.00
Veggie and Vegan
Falafel & Slaw Burger £14.50
Jackfruit Burger £12.00
Bhaji Naan £14.00
Spicy Tomato and Basil Pasta £13.00
Greek Salad £12.00
Rustic Skin on Chips £3.50
Cheese and Onion Rings £4.00
Halloumi Fries £4.75
Corn on the Cob £3.50
Onion Rings £3.50
Garlic Ciabatta £4.00
House Salad £3.00
Signature Cocktails
Wicker Man £9.00
The Smiler £9.00
Nemesis £9.00
The Beast £9.00
Galactica £9.00
Roller Refresher £9.00
Classic Cocktails
Pina Colada £9.00
Passionfruit Martini £9.00
Cherry Bakewell £9.00
Strawberry Woo Woo £9.00
Mojito £9.00
Aperol Spritz £9.00
Strawberry Daiquiri £9.00
Zombie £9.00
Archers £5.50
Baileys £4.15
Jagerbomb £5.00
Sambuca £3.55
Beer and Cider
Stella pint £5.00
Gluten free Stella £4.50
Corona £4.50
Budweiser £4.50
Becks Blue (alcohol free) £3.60
Soft Drinks
Coke 500ml PET £2.75
Diet Coke 500ml PET £2.60
Coke Zero 330ml Glass £3.10
Fanta 300ml Glass £3.10
Sprite Zero 330ml Glass £3.10
J2O £3.30
Appletiser 275ml Glass £3.10
Still Water £2.75
Sparking Water £2.75
Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Passionfruitini £4.95
Bubblegum Daiquiri £4.95
Strawberry No-jito £4.95
Lemon and Lime Spritzer £4.95
Rhubarb Lemonade £4.95
Birthday Packages and Gifts
Rainbow Cake Birthday Package £12.00
Birthday Cake £20.00
Ultimate Birthday Package £25.00
Pink Rollercoaster Restaurant Teddy Bear £9.00
Two for £15.00
Blue Rollercoaster Restaurant Teddy Bear £9.00
Two for £15.00
Black Frosted Mug £3.00

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