Woodcutter's Bar and Grill

Alton Towers

Mains from the grill, pub classics and a full selection of drinks from the bar...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaThe Towers
AudienceAll Ages
Woodcutter's Bar and Grill

Woodcutter's Bar and Grill

Woodcutter's Bar and Grill is one of the higher end restaurants at Alton Towers and is located in Fountain Square next to The Towers and opposite the entrance to Dark Forest.

It serves a variety of main meals including burgers, ribs and steaks from the grill, together with pub classics like scampi, gammon and hunter's chicken. There is also a fully stocked bar offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Orders are taken either at the bar or via mobile ordering, then brought to tables by waiters and waitresses straight from the kitchen when they are ready.

The quality of the food is fairly good, although wouldn't pass muster against a decent pub. It is sensible to be cautious about meals involving bread: for some reason Woodcutter's bread is consistently dry and slightly stale, and it has been that way for years!

Woodcutter's is especially popular at lunchtimes and there is often a queue waiting for a free table. In addition to the indoor seating, there are several tables outside - if one of these are free it is worth asking if you can take a seat outside and skip the wait. As well as offering food throughout the day, the restaurant often stays open late. Stopping for a meal after the park closes can be a good alternative to waiting to get out of the car park on a busy day.

Sample Woodcutter's Menu

A sample of the Woodcutter's Bar and Grill menu from April 2022:

From the Grill
10oz Rump Steak £15.50
Surf and Turf £15.00
Steak Sandwich £12.00
Rack of BBQ Ribs £17.50
Chicken and Rib Combo £16.50
10oz Gammon Steak £13.00
BBQ Chicken Stack £13.00
Cajun Chicken Flatbread £12.00
BBQ Beef Burger £11.25
Truffle Chicken Burger £11.25
Halloumi and Mushroom Burger £11.25
The Loaded Chicken Burger £15.00
Scampi and Chips £11.00
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap £10.25
Quorn Sweet Chilli Wrap £10.25
Club Sandwich £11.00
Caesar Salad £9.00
Chicken Caesar Salad £10.50
Fish Fingers £7.50
Cheese Burger £7.50
3oz Gammon £7.50
Chicken Goujons £7.50
Quorn Dippers £7.50
Vegan Burger £11.25
Vegan Chilli and Rice £10.00
Ham and Chips £13.00
BBQ Chicken Breast £11.50
Vegan Chilli and Rice £10.00
Cheese and Bacon Burger £11.25
Less Than 600 Calories
Halloumi and Mushroom Burger £11.25
10oz Gammon Steak £13.00
Cajun Chicken Flatbread £12.00
Caesar Salad £9.00
Chilli and Rice £10.00
Mozzarella Sticks and Sweet Chilli Dip £3.00
Garlic Bread £2.75
Onion Rings £3.00
Chunky Chips £2.95
Corn on the Cob £2.75
Coleslaw £1.50

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