Past Woodcutter's Menus

Woodcutter's Bar and Grill, Alton Towers

Samples of previous menus from Woodcutter's Bar and Grill...

The menu at Woodcutter's Bar and Grill is changed from year to year, and special menus are often introduced for various events such as Scarefest. Here's a look at some of the menus (and prices!) from years gone by.

Scarefest 2018

Light Bites
BBQ Bone Shaking Chicken & Cheese Wrap £9.50
Petrified Posh Dog £9.50
Fire Dog
- hotdog served with fire cracker sauce
Monster Meatballs with Penne Pasta £9.25
Monstrous Mac N Cheese
Add bacon for 50p
Add chicken for £1.50
Caesar Salad £8.00
Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad £9.50
From the Grill
10oz Ghostly Gammon £14.00
BBQ Bone Shaking Chicken Stack
- chicken breast topped with breaded chicken goujons
Woodcutter's Burgers
The Demon Burger - Are You Feeling Brave?
- beef burger, spicy breaded chicken burger, bacon, cheese, pulled chicken and onion rings
The Lurking Lumberjack
- beef burger with cheese, bacon, onion rings and BBQ sauce
The Possessed Hen
- chicken burger with cheese and BBQ pulled chicken
Hell's Ranch Burger
- cheese and onion veggie burger, salsa and jalapenos
Tex Mex
Boo! BBQ Chicken Nachos £10.00
Haunted Nachos £9.00
Something on the Side
Cuban Slaw £1.00
Chunky Chips £2.50
Creepy Corn on the Cob £2.50
Ogre Onion Rings £2.50
Ghoulish Garlic Bread £2.50
Mozzarella Sticks £2.50

Scarefest 2016

Onion B-Arggh-J Burger £8.95
Creepy Cheese Burger £8.95
Zombie Lumberjack's Burger
- beef burger with cheese and bacon
Single: £9.95
Double: £11.45
Hell's Ranch Burger
- beef burger with jalapenos
Single: £9.95
Double: £11.45
BBQ-GOO Pulled Pork Burger
- beef burger topped with pulled pork and cheese
Single: £9.95
Double: £11.45
Spicy Sinister Burger
- spicy chicken breast with cheese and salsa
Single: £9.95
Double: £11.45
Mains and Chargrills
Creepy Combo
- rack of baby pork ribs and chicken tikka skewers
Ghost Hunter's Chicken £11.95
Mexican Kicking Chicken
- chicken breasts with cheese, jalapenos and salsa
BBQ Bone Shaking Ribs £11.95
Chicken Tikka Broomsticks
- tikka chicken breasts with naan bread and mint yoghurt
Wraps, Nachos and Salads
BOO! BBQ Chicken Wrap £9.50
Fiery Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap £9.75
Haunted Nachos £8.95
BBQ_GOO Pulled Pork Nachos £9.95
Devil's Nachos
- nachos topped with beef chilli
Frightful Feta Salad £8.50
Broomsticks Salad
- chicken tikki skewers with salad
Sides and Extras
Freaky Fries £2.50
Ogre Rings
- battered onion rings
Creepy Corn £2.50
Ghoulish Dough Balls £2.50
Coleslaw £1.00
Grated Cheese £0.70
Chunky Salsa £0.70
Mint Yoghurt £0.70
Sweet Chilli £0.70
Jalapenos £0.70
Kids' Meals
Skelvin's Scary Burger £5.95
Phil's Fingers
- vegetarian sausage
Ghostly Goujons £5.95
Little Bone Shaking Ribs
Spooky Spaghetti and Meatballs
Monster Macaroni