Congo River Rapids

Alton Towers

Sail downstream through the crashing waves and white water rapids of the Congo River in Katanga Canyon.

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaKatanga Canyon
TypeRiver Rapids Ride
Opened1986 (as "Grand Canyon Rapids")
31 March 1992 ("Congo River Rapids" retheme)
Length 2379 ft
DesignerJohn Wardley (1992 retheme)
Duration6 minutes
On-Ride Photos
Rafting down the Congo River

Rafting down the Congo River

Congo River Rapids gives Alton Towers visitors the chance to ride down white water rapids and past waterfalls on a round rubber raft, although they're likely to end up soaked as the waves crash over the boat and straight into their laps.

The rapids ride, originally known as Grand Canyon Rapids, was installed in 1986 in the old Aqualand. In 1992 after Tussauds took over the park, the ride underwent a retheme as part of John Wardley's design for Katanga Canyon. Since then it has been known as Congo River Rapids, and have taken on a colonial African river theme.

Rapids rides are unpredicatable in terms of how wet you can get: sometimes you'll come off completely dry but at other times a trip down Congo River Rapids will have riders getting a soaking as multiple walls of water fall into the boat. If that weren't enough, non-riders can pay to fire water guns at the boat from the sidelines.

Walls of Waterfalls

Walls of Waterfalls

One of the iconic images of Congo River Rapids is the wall of waterfalls which boats float between, coming perilously close to crashing into the sides and drenching everyone onboard. Sadly, these were turned off during the 2017 season as riders would often stand up in the boats to try and avoid getting wet.

Another great feature of the ride is its tunnel, which is shared with the Runaway Mine Train. When a train is passing through at the same time as a boat is floating past, there are often some great interactions between guests on both rides.

Lovers of 80s TV shows may remember an episode of Treasure Hunt, which saw Anneka Rice taking a trip down the original version of Grand Canyon Rapids with her camera crew.

The ride is extremely popular, especially on warm summer days. At these times, the snaking queueline can easily stretch to over an hour long.

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