Alton Towers

Spin upside down, over and over again, vertically above X-Sector...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaX-Sector
Opened31 March 1984 (original opening in Festival Park)
14 March 1998 (relocated to X-Sector)
Diameter 60 ft
Duration2 minutes
An Oblivion car races through the banked turn behind Enterprise

An Oblivion car races through the banked turn behind Enterprise

Enterprise is a circular flat ride in X-Sector at Alton Towers.

The ride is an Enterprise wheel, which will be familiar from fairgrounds around the world. Riders sit in enclosed two-seater swinging cars arranged around the perimeter of a large wheel. As the ride starts, the wheel begins to spin before rising vertically into the air.

There are no restraints: riders are held into their seats by centrifugal force, which keeps them secure even at the top of the wheel as their bodies turn upside down.

Looking at it from the sidelines, it seems like Enterprise would be a dizzy motion-sickness enducing experience. However, since riders spend most of the time travelling in a "straight line" around the inside of the wheel, for most people it gives a strangely relaxing, weightless type of feeling ... at least once you've got over the terror of being upside down without anything to hold you into your seat whilst repeatedly plunging towards the ground!

Enterprise has been thrilling guests at Alton Towers since 1984, when it originally sat in Festival Park (now Dark Forest). It moved to X-Sector in 1998, where it now nestles beneath Oblivion's overbanked turn.


Enterprise POV video

Enterprise POV

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