Gangsta Granny: The Ride

Alton Towers

Take part in the greatest jewellery heist in history, as you help Ben and Granny steal nothing less than the Crown Jewels themselves ...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaThe World of David Walliams
TypeDark Ride
Opened17 May 2021 (replaced House of Monsters)
ModelSpin Master
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The Crown Jewels Tour

The Crown Jewels Tour

Alton Towers' new attraction for 2021 is a nine hour long tour of the Crown Jewels housed in the Royal Alton Hall... although not everything is as it might first appear, as visitors quickly realise they have found themselves right in the middle of a plot to pull off the largest jewellery heist of all time.

As Ben and Granny reveal their master plan, guests will find out that they have been enlisted to help the unlikely pair make off with the Crown Jewels!

Gangsta Granny: The Ride is a dark ride loosely based on the plot of David Walliams' much loved children's book, and is the headline attraction in Alton's World of David Walliams area. It was originally scheduled to open in 2020, but due to restrictions on operation of indoor attractions brought about by the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic the premiere was delayed until 2021.

The adventure is narrated by David Walliams himself, and guests witness the story unfold as the eight-seater carriages they sit in move through the different scenes. Parts of the story are brought to life through life-sized models, lighting, video projections and other special effects. Along the way riders will experience swimming in the River Thames, being chased through London streets and even encounter the Queen herself.

The ride is well done, with high quality effects and a decent script which follows the basic Gangsta Granny story but adapts it to be more suitable for a live dark ride experience. There are plenty of details to view, and it is worthy of more than one ride through to see everything. Garmendale's Spin Master ride vehicles are smooth and quiet, yet surprisingly manoeuvrable.

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