Heave Ho!

Alton Towers

A life on the ocean waves await as you set sail aboard the spinning pirate ship...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaMutiny Bay
TypeRockin' Tug
Opened15 March 2008
ModelRockin' Tug
Heave Ho!

Heave Ho!

Heave Ho is a rockin' tug style ride which sits in one corner of Mutiny Bay at Alton Towers.

The ride came to the park in 2008 accompanying the retheme of Merrie England into Mutiny Bay, to add to the park's selection of family friendly rides.

Heave Ho is manufactured by Zamperla, and its pirate galleon exterior is a nice example of the themeing that can be applied to their Rockin' Tug rides. During the ride, the ship slowly rotates as it moves up and down the half-pipe style track, giving guests the feeling of sailing through heavy seas.

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