Marauder's Mayhem

Alton Towers

Do you dare climb into a barrel of gunpowder ready for an out-of-control explosive ride?

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaMutiny Bay
TypeTeacup Ride
Opened28 March 1987 (as "Tea Cup Ride")
15 March 2008 ("Marauder's Mayhem" retheme)
ManufacturerMack Rides
ModelTea Cup Ride
Spinning Gunpowder Kegs

Spinning Gunpowder Kegs

Sitting inside their own barrel of gunpowder, Marauder's Mayhem riders are in for a dizzying spinning time on the attraction which sits inside Mutiny Bay at Alton Towers.

The ride is a teacups style ride, with groups of three barrels arranged on turntables which in turn sit on the large outer turntable. For a more intense ride, guests can also manually spin themselves individually using a wheel in the centre of their barrel. Mind our how dizzy you get though ... you'll need to walk out of your barrel at the end of the ride!

Marauder's Mayhem has been at Alton Towers since 1987. It was originally known as the Tea Cup Ride and was first sited in Aqualand before it became part of Merrie England in 1994, its thatched roof fitting perfectly with the Olde England vibe. When Merrie England was rethemed into Mutiny Bay in 2008, the teacups got rethemed into the gunpowder kegs the ride sports today.

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