Alton Towers

Board the monorail for a quick journey between Alton Towers' car parks and the main theme park entrance...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
AudienceAll Ages
Opened13 August 1987
ManufacturerVon Roll Holding AG
Duration4 minutes


The monorail provides transportation between Alton Towers' vast car parks and the main theme park entrance, saving guests a twenty minute walk between the two.

Throughout the journey to and from the car parks, the monorail passes through some of the park's themed lands and over some of the well known attractions including Galactica and Nemesis in Forbidden Valley, Duel in Gloomy Wood, and Congo River Rapids and the Runaway Mine Train in Katanga Canyon. The trip is fairly speedy, usually taking around 4 or 5 minutes.

The Monorail was originally opened in 1987 to ferry guests to the newly opened Towers Street, which had become the park's new main entrance the previous year but was located almost a mile away from the main car parks. Before arriving at Alton Towers, the monorail system served visitors to Expo 86, the world's fair hosted in Vancouver, Canada. The new method of transport was officially opened at the park by Captain Kirk actor William Shatner on 13 August 1987.

During a refurbishment in 2008, each of the monorail trains was given its own unique theme. Now guests can ride into Alton Towers in style, choosing between trains with themes including strawberries, jelly beans, explorers, Splash Landings or even the "moo-no-rail" cow themed train.

The monorail provides a welcome rest for weary legs after a day at the park and a quicker route to the fun at the start of the day. However, it's worth checking on the length of the queue ... if it's approaching the entrance doors at either station, it's probably still quicker to walk!

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