Alton Towers

Aerial transportation over the gardens and across the valley...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
TypeCable Car
AudienceAll Ages
Opened28 March 1987
ModelGondola Lift
Height 200 ft
Length 2438 ft
Max Speed 9 mph


The Skyride is Alton Towers' cable car system which provides transportation around the park.

The cable cars travel between three stations, taking guests from Towers Street to the edge of Dark Forest via Forbidden Valley. During the journey, riders can look out over spectacular views of the famous gardens and down into the valley.

Alton Towers originally featured land trains and a simple 4-person cable car system between Towers Street and what is now Forbidden Valley in order to transport guests around the park. By 1987 this was becoming inadequate and the Skyride was built, connecting Towers Street with Fountain Square (beside the Towers ruins) with a cable stretching out across the valley for the first time.

The cable car system has suffered two fires in its history. The first damaged the roof of the Forbidden Valley station during Scarefest 2007 and caused the Skyride to be closed until the summer of 2008. A second fire completely destroyed the original Fountain Square station in July 2009, meaning guests were again forced to endure long walks across the park for the rest of the 2009 season.

Between the two fires, the original gondolas were upgraded to a replacement fleet of 52 modern multi-coloured cabins with bench seating inside.

The Skyride is an almost essential part of Alton Towers and can save a lot of walking. However long queues can accumulate on busy days, especially at the middle station in Forbidden Valley where oncoming riders must wait for a gondola with empty spaces or vacated by other guests disembarking at the midway point.

Original Gondolas

Photos of the Skyride with its original set of gondolas used between 1987 and 2008.

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