Alton Towers

If you drop into the woods today, you'd better not go alone ...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaDark Forest
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened20 March 2010 (replaced Corkscrew)
ModelFamily Drop Coaster
Height66 ft
Length2480 ft
Max Speed42 mph
Highest Drop 60 ft
DesignerJohn Wardley
Capacity 1100 riders per hour
CodenameSecret Weapon 6 (SW6)
Duration2 minutes
On-Ride Photos
Single Rider Queue
A train waits to depart from the Th13teen station

A train waits to depart from the Th13teen station

Th13teen is a family rollercoaster set in the heart of the Dark Forest. Although often advertised as an experience only for the bravest thrillseekers, in reality the ride is fairly tame.

The first half of the coaster takes place in the woods nearby. Unfortunately the first drop is spoiled by a trim brake, but there are some nice swooping airtime hills after that - even if some of them also feature trim brakes.

Following the woodland section, the train makes its way up a second lift hill and enters a darkened room. Once the shutter door closes behind the train, it becomes obvious the room is in fact a crypt. There is the sound of splintering wood and the whole train judders, before plunging vertically downwards into a hidden part of the crypt. Riders in the front seats come face to face with a wraith, before the train quickly shoots backwards into the darkness. Eventually emerging into daylight, the train briefly pauses before being launched forwards again and back into the station.

When Th13teen first opened many riders knew nothing about the drop element, giving them a genuine fright and the rest of the riders on the train much amusement at their screams. Intamin have done a good job with the drop, which feels much more punchy than Zierer's version seen on rides like Polar X-plorer at Legoland Billund.

Sadly Th13teen suffered from a poorly devised marketing campaign when it first opened. The rollercoaster was advertised as a terrifying adrenaline filled experience and the world's first 'psychoaster' which had been designed to instil levels of psychological as well as physical fear. Guests expecting that were quickly disappointed by the family coaster they found. However, Th13teen is a good family ride, and as the initial marketing shenanigans have subsided it has bedded down into a great addition to Alton Towers' rollercoaster lineup.

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Th13teen Opening Day 2010 video

Th13teen Opening Day 2010

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