The Royal Carousel

Alton Towers

Ride alongside royalty on the most regal of carousels...

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Park AreaThe World of David Walliams
Opened1991 ("Carousel" on Talbot Street)
1993 ("Gallopers Carousel" behind the Towers)
1997 (relocated to Adventure Land)
2004 (relocated to Cred Street)
28 March 2009 (Cloud Cuckoo Land retheme)
17 May 2021 ("The Royal Carousel" retheme and relocation in Walliams World)
The Royal Carousel in The World of David Walliams

The Royal Carousel in The World of David Walliams

Visitors to the World of David Walliams are invited to join the Royal Household for a horse and carriage ride on the Royal Carousel.

Riders can choose between riding on a traditional carousel horse which moves up and down, or opt for a gentler experience on either a rocking horse or inside a carriage.

The carousel has been at Alton Towers for many years, having first been installed in Talbot Street in 1991.

It has moved position several times, most recently in preparation for the opening of The World of David Walliams in 2021.

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