Alton Towers at Halloween

Alton Towers' annual Halloween event features spooky shows, creepy characters and terrifying scare mazes across the theme park.


Every October, Alton Towers takes on a spooky twist as Scarefest takes over the park. Featuring a mixture of family friendly shows, characters and more extreme scare mazes to terrify the bravest souls, the event is a celebration of all things ghoulish.

Although the park had haphazardly hosted Halloween events in several of the preceeding years, Scarefest debuted in 2007. The event has been growing since then, with additions and changes to the attractions lineup most years.

This year's Scarefest sees the addition of Project 42, a new live action scare maze, together with the return of other popular attractions including The Welcoming: Be Chosen, Sub Species and House of Monsters.

Scarefest Attractions

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