The Boiler House

Alton Towers Scarefest

The infamous Hamble Twins, accused of multiple serial killings, are on the loose in the Boiler House - can you escape before they make you their next victim?

Theme ParkAlton Towers
TypeScare Maze
LocationMarquee near Hotels (2008-2010)
Black Hole tent (2011)
The maze was sited in the old Black Hole tent for its final year at Scarefest

The maze was sited in the old Black Hole tent for its final year at Scarefest

During its Scarefest run, The Boiler House was promoted as one of the most intense experiences of the Halloween event. The scare maze was set inside what looked like the boiler house of a semi-abandoned industrial building and, for most of its time at the park at least, told the story of the notorious Hamble Twins.

Viktor and Elsie Hamble were known serial killers, wanted for the mass murder of over thirty people in what became known as "The Boiler House Murders". Somehow, guests found themselves in the very boiler house in which the Hambles were hiding out, and it became a race against time for them to escape before becoming the Twin's next victims.

The maze was originally constructed in a marquee next to the Alton Towers Hotel, but for its final year it was moved to the park and sat inside the old Black Hole tent. Each of the Hamble Twins were played by a pair of actors, meaning that guests would encounter the "same" twin at multiple points within the maze. This was often used well, and together with some great jump scares made for a terrifying experience.

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