Trick or Treat Party

Alton Towers Scarefest

Join Patch, Skelvin, Franklyn and Phil for a song and dance show live on the Trick or Treat stage.

Theme ParkAlton Towers
Debuted2011 (replaced Trick or Treat Doors)
Retired2017 (replaced by Freaky Fun Zone)
Trick or Treat Party show

Dancing at the Trick or Treat Party

Trick or Treat Party is a live stage show aimed at young families. It features Alton's friendly Scarefest characters Patch (the pumpkin), Skelvin (the skeleton), Franklyn (the scaredy-cat frankenstein look-alike) and Phil (the mummy ... why Phil? who knows ...) together with some human assistants singing and dancing along to various halloween party hits.

Although primarily a kid's show, Trick or Treat Party is entertaining for children and adults alike - especially if you enjoy a bit of a Halloween party sing-a-long.

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Patch's Trick-or-Treat Party 2011

Patch's Trick-or-Treat Party 2011

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