Raj's Shop

Alton Towers

Raj's unique selection of merchandise including used tissues and pre-sucked sweets for sale...

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Raj's Shop

Raj's Shop

Visitors to The World of David Walliams can set foot in a real life recreation of Raj's Shop from the Gangsta Granny story.

The shop sells a selection of merchandise Raj himself would approve of - sweets, drinks, gifts and toys - alongside, of course, a range of David Walliams' books.

Staff inside the shop are dressed up and play shopkeeper characters, providing for some entertaining interactions as guests purchase their items.

It's great to see the thought and effort that has gone in to theming what would have otherwise been just a generic gift shop with some children's story books on the shelves.

Raj's Shop sits at the exit to Gangsta Granny: The Ride. It also has an external entrance on the main World of David Walliams plaza area.

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