SW8 Construction

Alton Towers' 2018 Wooden Coaster

SW8 - Secret Weapon 8 - is Alton Towers' new wooden rollercoaster, built on the old log flume site and due to open for the 2018 season.

Secret Weapon 8 will be the park's first wooden rollercoaster when it opens at Alton Towers in 2018, and is being manufactured by Great Coasters International (GCI). Rumours suggest the ride will dive underground at one point, and will have a Wicker Man theme.

9 July 2017

9 July 2017 Construction Update Video 4K

There have been massive changes on the site over the last four weeks. Most notably, the framework of the wooden lift hill now dominates the skyline. It was topped of on Friday, and has German, American and British flags flying from the top. This is clearly visible from several places around the park, including Mutiny Bay and the Congo River Rapids queueline.

A large metal structure has also been erected down on the lower half of the site, which many believe to be the bottom of a giant Wicker Man statue which the ride will eventually pass underneath. Indeed, the track sections under its "legs" are already being constructed. It will be interesting to see how much more of this gets built before an announcement/confirmation of the ride theme is made.

The station and maintenance buildings are also looking much more complete. These now both have the majority of their roofs in place.

More:   9 July Construction Update Video


Lift Hill

The lift hill


Flags fly from the top of the lift hill

Lift hill

The lift hill towers over the site

Profile lift

The lift hill in profile

Down the site

Looking down the site from the top


Base of the lift hill


Station and Maintenance building roofs

Lower half

Lower half of the site


The turn and 'Wicker Man' framework

Wicker Man

Close-up of the 'Wicker Man' framework

Wicker Man

Another close-up of the 'Wicker Man' framework

Framework and lift hill

Metal framework with the lift hill in the background

Lift hill

Lift hill

Congo River Rapids view

View from the Congo River Rapids queueline

Sky ride view

View over the site from the Sky Ride

Site from the sky ride

Another view from the Sky Ride

3 June 2017

3 June 2017 Construction Update Video 4K

Construction on the SW8 site has been progressing nicely over the last month. It is now much clearer from looking at the site where certain sections of the track layout will be, and there is a preliminary scattering track supports visible.

However, the most obvious change is over at the station building. The framework for the building has gone vertical and the station, together with the maintenance building is starting to take shape.

More:   3 June Construction Update Video


SW8 Construction Site

The SW8 construction site

SW8 Construction site from the Sky Ride

SW8 Construction site from the Sky Ride

Lift hill turn around

Turnaround at the top of the lift hill

Lift hill turnaround

Top of the lift hill looking smooth

First drop

Top of the first drop

View from the top of the site

View from the top of the site

Station Building under construction

Station Building under construction

SW8 workman

Weekend working

SW8 station supports

Supports emerging from the station

SW8 Station

Station, with a show building in front - the train will pass through this to reach the bottom of the lift

Deep Excavation

Deep Excavation

SW8 Site

SW8 Site

SW8 site

Bottom of the site


A corner near the bottom of the site

Bottom half of the SW8 site

Bottom half of the SW8 site

29 April 2017

29 April 2017 Construction Update Video 4K

The former home of The Flume is now very much a building site. All that remains of the old log flume is the station building and some of the concrete supports in the surrounding woodland. Extensive groundworks have taken place, and construction of the new coaster's main building has started.

The usual path between Mutiny Bay and Katanga Canyon has been closed for the 2017 season to allow easy access to the site for construction traffic. In its place, the backstage path between the two areas, only usually open on Fireworks nights, has been opened with a short length of new path which skirts the southern side of the SW8 site.

More:   29 April Construction Update Video


SW8 Construction Banner

Signs advertising SW8 have gone up on fences around the construction area

Station building construction

Construction of the main building housing the station and preshow has begun


Turnaround at the top of the lift hill

Lift hill

The top of the lift hill

New Path

New path linking Gloomy Wood and Mutiny Bay, with windows offering views over the construction site

Remains of The Flume

Remains of The Flume in the surrounding woodland

The Flume concrete supports

Concrete supports from The Flume can still be seen

Flume entrance

The former Flume ride entrance area

Old building

One of the old buildings near The Flume currently remains

Congo River Rapids station

Congo River Rapids station in the distance

Mutiny Bay

The Mutiny Bay side of the construction site

Station Building

The main station building under construction

SW8 Construction Site overview

Overview of the SW8 construction site

Mutiny Bay

Mutiny Bay begins to look a lot different