Blackgang Chine

Cliffhanger sits on a clifftop on the Isle of Wight, perching riders perilously close to a fall into the sea 400 feet below.

Theme ParkBlackgang Chine
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened28 May 2005
ManufacturerIE Park
ModelJR 30
Height38 ft
Length755 ft
Max Speed25 mph
Duration1 minute


Cliffhanger is located on the edge of the cliff at Blackgang Chine and gives scary views down to the ocean 400 feet below. Of course, it isn't actually that close to the cliff edge (especially given the park's constant problem with coastal erosion), but it is close enough for some great sea views.

It is the park's second attempt at a large rollercoaster. The first, Tornado, was purchased from Italy in 2003 but failed to meet UK safety regulations and never opened. Attempts to fix the problems were unsuccessful and it was sent back in 2004, with Cliffhanger opening to replace it in 2005.

The rollercoaster is a family ride, built by IE Park and stands at around 40 feet high. While not the scariest of rollercoasters, it provides a great fun experience with its steep curving drops and a nice intense helix before the final magnetic brake run. Given its short duration, riders usually get two circuits of the track.

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