Noah's Ark

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Come and meet the animals and explore inside Noah's giant boat...

Theme ParkBlackpool Pleasure Beach
TypeFun House
ManufacturerWilliam Strickler
Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark was a biblically-themed fun house style attraction at Blackpool Pleasure Beach which originally opened in 1922.

The main part of the attraction was housed in a ship which can still be seen over the park entrance. This would gently rock from side to side, simulating a boat being tossed in the ocean, and upsetting the balance of visitors inside!

Alongside Noah and his two-by-two animals, Noah's Ark contained much that would be expected in a traditional fun house including wobbly floors, rope bridges, stepping stones and disorientating corridors. The constant tilting motion made everything even more fun.

Noah's Ark was a Blackpool classic but sadly closed in 2008, leaving the only surviving example of the walkthrough attraction at Kennywood in the USA.

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