Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Compete in an Alpine Bobsled run...

Theme ParkBlackpool Pleasure Beach
Opened22 June 1988
ManufacturerMack Rides
Height59 ft
Length1459 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Riding the Bobsled run

Riding the Bobsled run

Avalanche is Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Alpine-themed Bobsled coaster.

The rollercoaster was manufactured by Mack Rides and opened at the Pleasure Beach in 1988.

Riders enter Avalanche through a Swiss chalet and make their way up some stairs to the nicely themed station, from which they board their bobsled car. Each car seats two riders, with one riding in front of the other.

After climbing the lift hill, the train is released into a bobsled-style trough which it races freely down through dips and curves, unrestricted by a traditional rollercoaster track. This adds a the certain amount of realism to the experience, with the feeling that the bobsleds could "fly off the track" at any moment.

Avalanche is one of the unique rides on offer at Blackpool - it is the only Mack Bobsled coaster in the UK and one of only a handful worldwide. It's fun and picks up a decent speed as it makes its way around the course, yet is not too intense for the family to try out together.

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