Ghost Train

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The oldest ghost train in the world...

Theme ParkBlackpool Pleasure Beach
TypeDark Ride
Opened1930 (single floor Pretzel ride)
1936 (rebuilt by Joseph Emberton)
1957 (Jack Ratcliff refurbishment)
1973 (castle frontage)
Duration3½ minutes
Ghost Train

Ghost Train

The Ghost Train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is technically the oldest ghost train in the world, with the term being used for the first time at Blackpool.

It originally opened in 1930, although has been through many changes and refurbishments since then. Notably it was converted from a single storey ride into one spanning two floors in 1936, and the drop through the station area was introduced.

During the ride visitors come across various ghostly and gruesome scenes including skeletons, exorcisms and corpses. Many scenes have been upgraded or replaced throughout the years, and several are now decorated with luminous paint lit by black light to make them appear to glow.

Ghost Train is more fun than scary, although some of the scenes are not for the eyes of young children!

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