Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Red, green and yellow jockeys race their horses over fences and hedges in the ultimate steeplechase horse race...

Theme ParkBlackpool Pleasure Beach
ManufacturerArrow Development
Tracks3 (Red, Yellow and Green)
Riding Steeplechase

Riding Steeplechase

Steeplechase is one of the most unusual rollercoasters on offer at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and indeed to be found anywhere in the world.

It is the only remaining example of an Arrow Development Steeplechase coaster.

Riders choose one of three tracks, then board "horses" which seat up to two riders each (although single riders will be more comfortable). The horses navigate an undulating track featuring sharp corners and small hills, racing against those on the neighbouring tracks before crossing the finishing line at the end of the ride.

Due to the high centre of gravity, the experience is much more exciting and thrill-filled than it may look at first glance. The rapid changes of direction and hills can feel a little unnerving too. The relatively simple seatbelt restraint system makes riders feel very exposed and like they genuinely need to brace their legs against their model horse's body.

Steeplechase is a lot of fun, and the racing element elevates the excitement further. Its a one of-a-kind nowadays and well worth a ride (or three ... coaster counters do love to debate whether it counts as one or three credits, and/or whether you need to have ridden all three tracks for it to count as a tick!).

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