Brighton Palace Pier

Vertical loop rollercoaster at the end of Brighton Pier.

Theme ParkBrighton Palace Pier
ModelZyklon ZL42
Duration1¼ minutes


Turbo is the largest of Brighton Pier's rollercoasters, and sits on the western corner of the pier.

The coaster is from Pinfari, and features a 32ft tall vertical loop.

As is common with many similar Pinfaris, Turbo is a bit rough and ready and thus feels a bit graceless as it charges around the track. The over the shoulder restraints can induce some shoulder and head banging during the loop and at other points along the circuit.

The ride has suffered its fair share of misfortune over the years, including fire damage in 2003 which closed it for several months. The most serious incident occured in 2004 when, astonishingly, the coaster was filled with passengers and sent around while part of its track was missing, luckily resulting in no injuries but a substantial fine for the pier's owners.

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