Forbidden Kingdom

Chessington World of Adventures

Walk through an ancient kingdom on the banks of the Nile...

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
ThemeAncient Egypt
Facilities Toilets    Disabled Toilets    Baby Changing    First Aid    Lost Children
Entrance to Forbidden Kingdom from Mexicana

Entrance to Forbidden Kingdom from Mexicana

Forbidden Kingdom invites visitors into an ancient world filled with pharoahs, tombs and Egyptian curses.

The land opened in 1994 when the original Fifth Dimension dark ride was rethemed into Terror Tomb, which eventually became today's Tomb Blaster with its interactive laser gun mission into the heart of an Egyptian tomb.

Towering above Forbidden Kingdom is Croc Drop, a 25 metre tall drop tower themed around Sobek, the Egyptian crocodile god.

A range of souvenirs can be found in the Croc Drop Shop located within one of the desert-themed buildings beside the ride. The Drop'n Chicken restaurant offers fried chicken and chicken burgers, while there are cooling slushies are available from the nearby ICEE Temple.

Forbidden Kingdom is also the place to head to find Chessington's First Aid Centre and Lost Children Point, which are both located beside the toilets at the back of Tomb Blaster.


Food and Shopping

Drop'n Chicken

Drop'n Chicken

Fried chicken and burger meals

Croc Drop Shop

Croc Drop Shop

Ride themed merchandise and snacks

ICEE Temple

ICEE Temple

Refreshing slushies and cold drinks

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