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Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Opened2013 ("Zufari" area opened)
2009 (renamed "Wynama Village & Reserve")
One of the village's resident meerkats

One of the village's resident meerkats

Chessington's Wanyama Village & Reserve covers a large area to the north west of the rest of the theme park and encompasses Zufari and the Wanyama Village zoo exhibits, bordering on the Azteca and Safari hotels.

Wanyama is a Swahili word meaning big animals. Appropriately, Zufari is the main attraction in Wanyama, and takes visitors on a jeep safari adventure allowing them to get up close to animals including zebras and giraffes. Guests staying at the Safari Hotel can look out on the Reserve from their bedroom windows.

A pathway leads between Zufari and Wanyama Village, which is home to a number of smaller African animals such as meerkats and lemurs. There are several interactive activities for children to discover including a tunnel under the meerkat enclosure, plus a playground and climbing frame.

When Zufari: Ride into Africa first opened, the area was simply known as "Zufari". It became known as Wanyama Village and Reserve in 2019, when the existing Wanyama Village zoo exhibits were merged into the area.


Wanyama Village

Wanyama Village

African animals and small creatures

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