Croc Drop Construction

CWOA 2021 Drop Tower

Croc Drop is the new drop tower ride coming to Chessington in 2021 on the site of Rameses Revenge ...

Construction Wall

New ride in 2021

Croc Drop will be Chessington World of Adventures' new ride for the 2021 season, and is currently under construction on the former site of Rameses Revenge.

The ride will be a 25.6 metre tall drop tower and is themed around the Ancient Egyptian god Sobek, which took the form of a giant crocodile. The sixteen seat gondola will free fall from the top of the tower into Sobek's awaiting giant crocodile jaws at the bottom.

Croc Drop will reportedly feature a number of special effects to heighten the ride experience, including lighting, smoke effects and water sprays.

The "Croc Drop" name was confirmed on 8th July 2020 when Merlin Entertainments applied for a trademark on the phrase.

Construction is underway in Forbidden Kingdom during the 2020 season, following the removal of Rameses Revenge and the move of Flying Jumbos to its new home in Adventure Point.

17 July 2020 Construction Progress

Croc Drop construction

Construction fences surround the former Rameses Revenge pit in Lost Kingdom

Croc Drop construction

Tomb Blaster's extended queueline provides a good viewpoint of the construction site

Croc Drop construction

A large concrete base has been built in the pit to support the ride's foundations

Croc Drop construction

Site offices are at the back of the construction area

Croc Drop construction

Temporary shipping container office

Croc Drop construction

Access is from the backstage area near Zufari

Croc Drop construction

Construction machinery

Croc Drop construction

Croc Drop construction site overview