Chessington World of Adventures Howl'o'ween

Join the (S.A.S.) Secret Arachnid Service as they venture into a giant spider-ridden old house

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaWild Asia
TypeScare Maze
Debuted2019 (replaced Curse of the Lost Tomb)


Spyders, new for 2019, is a family friendly walkthrough Halloween attraction which has adventurers working with S.A.S. (Secret Arachnid Service) on a journey through an old house infested with "gigantula" spiders.

After a briefing from a member of S.A.S., guests work their way through a set of rooms, each of which features an actor playing one of the human-sized gigantula spiders. Through interaction with them, the group is given lines from a rhyme which they must memorise. The rhyme is used in the final room where the group must recite it in order to escape the spider queen, who has a definite delight for human flesh!

The maze is nicely done and not overly scary, and seemed to delight the kids we experienced it with. They especially enjoyed the short section where the smaller and more able-bodied of the group were encouraged to crawl through a giant spider web. Some of the scenery is a bit basic in places, but that is made up for by the enthusiam ... and ad-libbing(!) ... of the cast.

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