Pin Badges 2020

Chessington World of Adventures Merchandise

Chessington have added new pins to their range of pin badges for sale...

Pin Wall

Pin badge display

Chessington World of Adventures have added a modest number of new pin badges to their range of collectables, for the new 2020 season.

There's a new design for the "2020" year pin, which is no longer simply the park logo plus the year underneath, but rather a brand new design prominently featuring the year.

Along with some new designs for existing rides, a retro badge featuring the Bubbleworks logo joins the previously released Safari Skyway pin in a celebration of Chessington's past.

The new pin badges are for sale, along with several from previous years, for £3.50 each. Although odd pins can be found at shops scattered around the park, the full range is available from a display in the main Gift Shop at Adventure Point.

New 2020 Pin Badges

Chessington 2020 pin badge

Chessington World of Adventures 2020 pin badge

Vampire pin badge

New Vampire design pin badge

Tiger Rock pin badge

New design Tiger Rock pin badge

Gruffalo pin badge

New Gruffalo River Ride Adventure pin badge

Bubbleworks pin badge

Bubbleworks logo retro pin badge

Giraffe pin badge

Giraffe pin badge